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Orange (original)

Orange (original)

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Orange Wedge miniature original 4" / 10cm acrylic painting by Adriana Bergstrom (Adriprints)

This little mini painting is called “Orange” and it’s from what I called the ‘citrus series’ of four miniature paintings of citrus fruit. This one is a 4” square orange slice.

Can be framed or displayed on shelf or easel. Perfect for any eating area, tropical setting, or if you love oranges! It's perfect for bringing some orange pop into your space. I was inspired to paint this series of citrus fruit by my home state of Florida. I grew up surrounded by oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes in my grandma's backyard.


It's an original painting of an orange wedge measures 4“ x 4“ x .25”

The painting depicts an orange wedge on an pale orange background.

It is painted in high quality acrylics on canvas board.

4 x 4 x .25”
acrylic on canvas board

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