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Picture Book Manuscript Critique

Picture Book Manuscript Critique

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When purchasing a Manuscript Critique from me, I will provide you with written feedback from an author-illustrator's point of view. If you're an author trying to figure out if you've left room for the illustrator, my reviews can be really helpful. I will give you my overall thoughts about the concept, writing style, possible audience, and potential tweaks to help you in your revision process.

My specialty is giving critiques with a macro view of the concept and clarifying through examples and comps (comparable texts). If something stands out to me as having a lot of potential or a dialogue/illustration style that doesn't match the audience, these are the kinds of things I'll bring up. I'm not great at fixing meter or rhyme, but I can tell when something is off. I give suggestions, but mine is just one opinion, please make the changes you feel your manuscript needs. In the end it's your name on the book, not mine!

When you send your manuscript or dummy, it must be submitted electronically as a PDF or WordDoc. If submitting an illustrated dummy, please keep the size of the file to 2MB PDF.


Note: A written critique is not an endorsement. If you sell and publish your manuscript, that's awesome! Congratulations! But, please do not include my name in your ads or promos without prior consent.

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